Ações afirmativas e o princípio da igualdade

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Palavras chaves: ações afirmativas, princípio da igualdade e acesso à justiça. The presentation of the topic you intend to demonstrate the view that the State through positive actions tends to try to minimize social inequalities present in the global context; Furthermore, it is interesting to consider some of the problems facing the concretion of such measures. Here undeniably not outlines the purpose of demonstrating affirmative action as the only or main instrument to reduce social ills but to treat it as an effective way though often inclined to discrimination in fact, the softening of distinctions as unsubstantiated having single parameter class, race or color.

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A personalidade narcisista segundo a Escola de Frankfurt e a ideologia da racionalidade tecnológica. The narcissistic personality according to the Frankfurt School and the ideology of the technological rationality. José Leon Crochik. Descritores: Narcisismo. Traços de personalidade. Discuss the relation between the ideology of the technological rationality and the narcissistic personality based on the theory of the Frankfurt School.

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The rational training of opinion and will in the philosophy of Jürgen Habermas. Griot: Revista de Filosofiavol. Abstract: The notion of public opinion as a process cannot be limited solely to the empirical basis of a theory, it must also focus on the position that this notion occupies with respect to the interpretation of society. Jürgen Habermas's approach to public opinion stems from his classic work on Bourgeois Advertising. Habermas constructs the Normative Theory of Democracy, which is based on the communicative conditions in which a Discursive Formation of the Opinion and Will of a public formed by the citizens of a State can take place as an unfolding of the analyzes about the public opinion. In this argumentative way, Habermas takes up the historical-philosophical project of modernity, attributing to the public opinion the function of legitimizing the political domain through a critical process of communication based on the principles of a rationally motivated consensus. The scope of this article is to make explicit the constitutive elements of the habermasian reflections on the Rational Formation of Opinion and Willsince it is from this primordial concept that we can understand the legitimation of the Rule of Law. We will trace what led the habermasian reflection to seek the conditions of an authentic participation of individuals in a public space, where there is responsibility and solidarity in the execution of the solutions of the problems of a community, and its consequent unfolding that leads to the theory of political power.

A formação racional da opinião e da vontade na filosofia de Jürgen Habermas

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