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Once more, the insurance industry registered double-digit growth, expanding the customers base and its significant contribution to society. Furthermore, the insurance companies have strengthened investments in actions intended for financial education and communication campaigns aiming at raising the awareness of Brazilian people in relation to the importance of the insurance, open private pension, supplementary health and capitalization. Thus, always filled with the spirit of cooperation with the Government and society, CNseg made efforts to broaden the dialogue channels with governmental authorities, regulatory and consumer protection bodies. We have no doubt that maintain the path of sustained growth of recent years is the great challenge to be faced by the market. And that means, also concentrating efforts to form new generations of insurance employees and brokers, building and consolidating the insurance culture. We know that many things depend on the socio and economic scenario of the country, but there are several factors directly associated with the way we work. There is no doubt that Brazil presents many opportunities for the insurance market development and, increasingly, our role is to seek these possibilities for expansion.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available This work describes the identification of some of the minor chemical constituents of espinheira santa Maytenus ilicifolia and Maytenus aquifolium, Celastraceae, a medicinal plant widely utilized in Brazil. By using high resolution gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry HRGC-MS, it was possible to identify mainly triterpenoids and steroids in espinheira santa , most of them reported for the first time in both Maytenus species. Variabilidade em matrizes de acessos de espinheira-santa Variability in matrices of espinheira-santa accessions. Full Text Available Maytenus ilicifolia e M. Foi observada uma ampla variabilidade para todos os caracteres analisados. Os caracteres morfológicos permitiram separar os acessos em sete grupos. A maior dissimilaridade foi entre os acessos 57 M.


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Seeking to minimize the environmental impact of this publication, all the inks used in the printing are vegetable-based, the lamination of the cover is biodegradable and the origin of the paper is certified. Summary Presentation 04 The challenges and the lessons of 06 Transparency and clarity in the relationships: mission of CNseg. Regulatory and supervisory, institutional representation and education bodies of the Brazilian insurance industry. The Brazilian insurance industry ended with growth well above the performance of the economy of the country.

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